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Tactical warfare 3D simulation

In the beginning...

3D in the past First game for new platforms was usually a 3D tank simulator. Atari commisioned Quicksilva to produce now legendary "Battle Zone". Then followed "3D Tank Duel". Electronic arts came out in 1988 with their "M1 Abrams Battle tank". And so on... Lacking graphics/sound at that time did not give a real impression of simulation.


3D today
Things got better. Still lacking affordable, real 3D visual/audio devices, but the impression of simulation have come closed to reality with texture mapping.

Gameplay improved massively with multiplayer options.

Gameplay in every little device

3D today
Sun implemented Java as a stack machine (push, pop) and running on a chip optimized with registers, the performance is not... good. But.. the language security model allows it to reach a broad audience.

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